• All of the zones you remember, most with full animation and original music and sounds.
  • NPCs scattered around each land.
  • Play some of the original VMK games in the Penny Arcade on Main Street and at the Hub in Tomorrowland.
  • Use the chat system and see the iconic speech bubbles.
  • Login with a specified username and avatar.
  • Every iconic guest room, some of which include movable furniture.
  • Interactive experience with an avatar in the Castle Forecourt.
  • Halloween and Holiday decorations for Esplanade, Town Square, Main Street, Central Plaza, and Castle Forecourt.
  • Authentic Virtual Magic Kingdom secrets and easter eggs.
  • And much, much more...
The Virtual Magic Kingdom was an online version of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The virtual world featured a chat system to talk with other players, guest rooms which players could decorate with purchased furnishings, mini-games to earn credits, daily staff hosted games and events, and more all for free. Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) gave people from all around the U.S.A a method of getting into the kingdom without ever leaving their chair. That is, until an unexpected turn of events took place resulting in the closure of the kingdom in 2008.

Players expressed their grief through major news networks, and online petitions which numbered signatures in the tens of thousands. Unfortunately, the initiative was not enough to prevent Disney from shutting the virtual haven's doors forever. VMKRevisited will never replicate all of the features which VMK provided, nor will it become a full online game. However, it will give one a means of reliving memories past.
Explore long since lost lands of magical wonder and adventure. Each of the unique public rooms are fully featured. The map of the kingdom and entrances and exits to each individual room make it easy to explore the virtual kingdom just as you would have in the live game.
Revisit all of the guest rooms available during the Virtual Magic Kingdom's three year run. Some rooms contain furniture which you can move around and rotate. The rooms feature accurate floor maps and most rooms are animated.
Head on over to the Penny Arcade on Main Street, or the Hub in Tomorrowland and play some of the original VMK games. A recreation of a Ride-A-Thon event is even available in the guest rooms menu.
Hold a discussion with all of the NPCs in the kingdom, or sit back and watch them move about. Discover fun secret areas, play around with a virtual character, and more. Many of the interface features are in full working condition for your viewing pleasure.
VMKRevisited is not, nor will it ever be, a fully functional game. This web application provides you with an environment identical to Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom. Disney retains full copyright to the media used in VMKRevisited, and we have absolutely no affiliation with Disney Company, the Virtual Magic Kingdom, etc. This application and its contents are not to be redistributed for commercial use, or any other means that would infringe on Disney's copyrights. VMKRevisited is strictly meant for personal, private enjoyment, in remembrance of the Virtual Magic Kingdom.
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