Reexperience the online game which brought Disney fans into the park from the comfort of their own home, the Virtual Magic Kindgom! VMKRevisited takes you back to the Magic Kingdom by allowing you to view its many rooms, items, and features in a functional environment.

VMKRevisited is not a game, but it will bring you back to the days of magic and family appropriate fun.
Welcome to VMKRevisited! VMKRevisited is the home of the widely praised web application, originally known as GPVMK, which gives users a unique way of remembering their times in the Virtual Magic Kingdom., a developing Disney MMORPG community, is currently supporting and maintaining this project, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future on behalf of GPDOT, creator and founder of GPVMK. We encourage you take go on an adventure with us as we work to preserve the legacy of VMK! contains a number of VMK screenshots, downloads, and other resouces. If you have any suggestions or inqueries, please post to our official forums via the forums button at the top of the page. The forums button will redirect you to DisneyMMO, the premiere Disney MMORPG community, which contains thousands of informative posts and other information to aid you in your adventures through Disney's virtual worlds.

VMKRevisited is not a game, online community, or social network, nor will it ever be. It is a flash application which shows you all of what VMK had to offer. While we are not presently continuing development of the game, we are actively exploring opportunities to continue rememberance of VMK in any way we can. Thanks for visiting!

Last updated 5/10/2012